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Country Leader

Brenda Okori is Rainbird Uganda's Country Leader. Based on her experience with children in Uganda, their vulnerability makes her want to fight to protect their inherent rights. She wants to see many changes that ensure children are protected, to include educating them about their rights and how to stand up for them, lifting their self-esteem, and helping them in cases of abuse. She wants to protect girls from rape, defilement, abortion, torture, abandonment, and prostitution, and see them get justice and help physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a child, Brenda endured abuse. It had a lasting impact. She believes that if someone had reached out to her to protect her from the harm that surrounded her, she would be in better shape for it today. Brenda is committed to ensuring that children are protected and loved

Brenda Okori, Country Leader
Brenda Okori

The Core Team

Bobby Denis Bombita is a project officer of community development with Share An Opportunity Uganda. Being a leader makes it possible for him to take key, strategic action to make a difference for children. He has contributed to many families through counseling and facilitated the protection of many children from abuse and neglect while working as a community development officer. He is committed to bringing his expertise to Rainbird Uganda as our Community Outreach Manager in Uganda.

Bobby Denis Bombita, Executive Administrator

Etum Job is Rainbird Uganda’s Technology Officer. He has his Bachelors degree in Administrative and Secretarial Sciences from Kyambogo University. As a technology and computer enthusiast, with experience in Graphics and Web Design, he specializes in Joomla CMS web development and works with several different applications and environments. His desire is to contribute his strong analytical skills, experience, eye for detail, and team spirit to the Rainbird Uganda team and be a contributing force for the end of child abuse in Uganda.

Etum Job, Uganda’s Technology Officer

Kinyera Tonny is Rainbird Uganda's Community Organizer. he holds a degree in public administration and is a radio presenter at favor 93.3 fm. he has worked with the community to empower youth and build a strong team to fight hiv and aids. he needs to be part of the great success story of ending child abuse in uganda because child abuse is so high and affects both mental and chronological growth as well as long term impact on the health of the nation. he wants to produce community changing radio shows (the silent voice) that impacts his listeners and confronts the issue of child abuse and children’s human rights issues.

Kinyera Tonny, Community Organizer

Docus Khwaka is Rainbird Uganda’s Fundraiser. With a Bachelors Degree in Law, Docus is a lawyer by profession. She has worked as an Administrator in Juvenile Justice at UCLF and has successfully lobbied to get funding for criminal justice of juveniles remanded in Juvenile Remand Centers for more than one year. While volunteering with Laspnet, she brought together different stakeholders to create access to legal aid for disadvantaged people. Docus has a passion for upholding the rights of children and working toward the enforcement of those rights. She knows that child abuse is dangerous to our younger generation and harmful to their health. For that reason and so many more, Docus is committed to the end of child abuse.

Docus Khwaka, Fundraiser
Bobby Denis Bombita
Etum Job
Kinyera Tonny
Docus Khwaka

The Campaign Team

Juliet Amito is Rainbird Uganda’s Project Manager. As a college graduate with a Bachelors in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, she works as an accountant. She is also a mother of two, a child worker, and psychologist, and shares Rainbird Uganda’s vision to end child abuse. Juliet knows that there are costs to saving children and she is committed to helping Rainbird Uganda generate funds to support the work of saving children across Uganda and ensure the fulfillment of ending child abuse in her country.

Juliet Amito, Project Manager

Peninnah Basemera is Rainbird Uganda’s Campaign Team Manager. She received her Bachelor of Laws and is a Legal Associate at Tumusiime Irumba & Company Advocates. Penny wants to concentrate on areas of violation such as sexual gender-baed violence. She wants to mainstream children’s rights by working with other NGO’s to establish children’s rights. Having the great fortune to be raised by a very protective, hardworking mother, she knows there are many children who don’t get that and need support and protection. Penny feels destined to serve children and become a great champion of the rights of children across Uganda.

Peninnah Basemera, Campaign Team Manager
Juliet Amito
Peninnah Basemera

The Leadership Team

Fridah Nabirye received her bachelor’s degree in arts with philosophy as her major. She is pursuing a masters in human rights at Makerere University. Her most important commitments in life are fighting for the rights of children and researching projects that make a difference in people’s lives. She has chosen to be the Regional Leader of Central Uganda because she is passionate about fighting for children’s rights.

Fridah Nabirye, Regional Leader of Central Uganda

Sarah Nakyambadde is Rainbird Uganda’s Wakiso District Leader. She is a lawyer by profession and a mother of six. She has contributed to improving and changing many lives by being a leader in the “Am a Girl” program in schools, reducing the number of girls dropping out of school. Sarah loves children and believes that the rights of children are inherent in nature. This fuels her commitment to working with Rainbird Uganda to ensure that she is actively involved in putting an end to the abuse of the rights of children.

Sarah Nakyambadde, Wakiso District Leader

Gloria Aber is Rainbird Uganda’s Gulu District Leader. With a Bachelors Degree in Information & Communications Technology, she has worked as a teacher caretaker at Gulu Vision Primary as well as at nursery schools while she went to University and with Unicef on birth registration in Agago District. Gloria is committed to Community and Child Development. For her, children really are the future of Uganda. How they are treated determines the nation they will have. She wants to take part in ending child abuse to restore hope, confidence, real discipline, and self-esteem in children who have faced child abuse, and see to it that they have the chance to be responsible citizens with brighter futures.

Gloria Aber, Gulu District Leader

Gladys Lakot is Rainbird Uganda’s District Leader for Omoro. She completed her studies at Gulu University in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Quantitative Economics. Child-related issues have always concerned Gladys. She sees children suffering and is committed to working with Rainbird Uganda to diminish the number of street children, improve living conditions, create a more compassionate society, and end child abuse.

Gladys Lakot, District Leader for Omoro
Fridah Nabirye
Sarah Nakyambadde
Gloria Aber
Gladys Lakot


Our Country Leaders build and empower a team to engage the public, have people Take A Stand for the End of child abuse, and mobilize to save children who are being abused and end issues that are plaguing their country. The Country Leader finds and develops State (or Regional Leaders) in every state or region. They field problems in each region, create campaigns to solve a problem, mobilize their troops to solve those problems. To become a Country Leader, contact us at: info@rainbirdfoundation.org.

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