27Jan 2017



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Host an Event by John Bligh

Events & Fundraisers

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One of Rainbird’s promises is to raise money. Lots of it. The kind of money that ends child abuse. We do this with events and fundraisers, building local partnerships and garnering media attention. Call us or contact us to find out about how to have a Rainbird event in your community.


An Event4TheEnd is a fundraising event done your way. Maybe you’re a runner, walker, biker, or triathlete. Maybe you like eating, dancing. bowling, or hoolahooping. You can turn your pleasure into a great way to support children and fund the end of child abuse. The point is to create fundraising events that are tons of fun and save our littlest ones who can’t save themselves.

Hosting an Event4TheEnd increases the number of people who are standing for the end, raising much-needed money to fund the projects that we and others are working on. It creates media coverage, builds partnerships, and educates people about child abuse. All while having fun. Lots of fun.

Whether it’s a 5K, 10K, bike race, hike, triathlon, dance-a-thon, hoola-hoop-a-thon, eat-a-thon, or any other thon you like, they’re all effective ways to contribute to the End of child abuse. Call or contact us to tell us about your Event4TheEnd!

Dinners & Cocktail Parties

You can host a cocktail party or dinner in your home for friends, family, and colleagues to meet our founders and learn about Rainbird and this crazy idea called taking a stand for the End. You will have an opportunity to learn about the condition of child abuse nationally and globally, and network with others committed to the end of child abuse to build local projects and become a financial contributor to the end of child abuse.

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