The only power great enough to move government agencies, systems, courts, hospitals, schools, and big business to action is public demand.

Country Leader

Eric Suan is the Country Leader for the Philippines. Through his activism, he makes changes in the lives of abused children in the Philippines. Eric graduated from the University of Cagayan Valley in the Philippines with a bachelor of arts degree in political science and a minor in education. After graduation he became active in community organizing and founded the Network of Indigenous Students and Professionals of the Philippines. He is an educator of Human Rights to indigenous communities as well as the Country Leader of the Philippines. Eric believes children deserve to be treated fairly in society and he's committed to the Philippines being the friendliest country in the world for children.

Eric Suan, Country Leader
Eric Suan

The Core Team

Rey Albastro is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in math from the University of Mindanao. Presently, he works as a Teacher at Erico T. Nograles National High School in the Alternative Learning System Department. He is also on the accounting and auditing staff of L.B. Cainglet & Co., CPAs. He chose to work with Rainbird Foundation because volunteering makes him feel good and teaches him something new about people, cooperation, compassion, and himself.

Rey Albastro, Core Team Auditor

Ariel Sumabong is the Computer Analyst & Technician for Rainbird Philippine's Core Team. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Colegio de Kidapawan. Ariel chose to be part of Rainbird to help build the movement to stop child abuse in the Philippines.

Ariel Sumabong, Core Team IT

Mernell Dawn Palma is RbP’s Event Photographer. From Digos City, Davao Del Sur, he is currently studying at Cor Jesu College, working on a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Mernell feels it is his duty to guard the rights of children. He chose to be part of Rainbird Philippines to share his expertise in making videos, doing photography, and giving voice to the Rainbird Campaign and ending child abuse in the Philippines and globally.

Mernell Dawn Palma, Event Photographer

Lydee S. Dilag is Rainbird Philippine’s Administrative Assistant. She is a student at the University of Mindanao working on a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a major in Biological Science. She is a proud Youth Church Leader who chose to be a volunteer with Rainbird because abuse comes in many forms, verbal and physical, and children can’t protect themselves. They need us to protect them, and Lydee is committed to being a voice who stands for the end of child abuse not only in the Philippines but globally.

Lydee S. Dilag, Core Team Administrative Assistant

Cherry Ann Suan is Rainbird Philippines’ Community Organizer. She is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in education at saint paul colleges - Cebu City. She sees Rainbird changing lives in her country by ending abuses against children, and she chose to be the Community Organiser to help spread campaigns across communities. Cherry feels that it’s an honor to be part of this foundation and stand for the end of child abuse in her country. She wants people to know about child abuse, which is a very big problem in the Philippines today.

Cherry Ann Suan, Community Organizer

Elyboy Abordo is Rainbird Philippines Social Media Manager. From Davao City, he is a high school student at Daniel Aguinaldo National High School. He loves children. Being the head of social media is a great honor and his way of helping the campaign to end child abuse, which is a big problem. Through media networking, education, and activation, he intends to get people to help solve this problem where they live. As the Social Media Manager, he will post issues, research work, and share about RbP activities to inspire others to join and take a stand for the end.

Elyboy Abordo, Social Media Manager

Zinuar Dique is Rainbird Philippines’ Community Outreach Director. From Del Monte, Veruela, Agusan del Sur, Zinuar works as the Barangay local government secretary of Del Monte. He loves working with people who care for children’s rights, creating an open environment, listening to issues, and gathering information. He believes in due process and ending abuses against children. Because they can’t fight back or save themselves, they need us to fight for them. His experience dealing with child abuse cases in his community makes him an asset to the Core Team.

Zinuar Dique, Community Outreach Director
Rey Albastro
Ariel Sumabong
Mernell Dawn Palma
Lydee S. Dilag
Cherry Ann Suan
Elyboy Abordo
Zinuar Dique

The Campaign Team

Maria Khamel Benigay is our Campaign Team Researcher. As a graduate of Holy Child College of Davao with a B.S.E.D. major in English, she wants to help spread Rainbird Philippines’ campaign to end child abuse by being the Campaign Researcher. In this way, she can be part of the team finding solutions for abuses against children. Maria is committed to focusing on legitimizing claims of abuse so her team can create solutions to stop the abuse. She is excited about being part of an organization that does this. Child abuse is a crime and Rainbird is her instrument to share her talent and help save abused children.

Maria Khamel Benigay, Campaign Team Researcher
Maria Khamel Benigay

The Leadership Team

As a Leader, you build, organize, and mobilize the team in your state. You will create a core team of people in your area. Your job will be to activate and empower people in your region to Take A Stand and join forces. When a project or campaign occurs in your state, you’ll mobilize to participate to save a child or children.

Anne Bernadette Corpuz is the Regional Leader for the Cordillera Region. She is in her 3rd year of college studying for a Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Saint Louis University - Baguio City. She chose this degree because she believes in the inherent worth and dignity of people. She joined Rainbird Philippines because as a victim of child abuse, she wants to be a model for others and help defend the rights of every child by spreading the campaign to end child abuse throughout her region.

Anne Bernadette Corpuz, Regional Leader - Cordillera Region

Sunright H. Pugong is a native of an indigenous community called Ifugao Province located south-east of the Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with minors in Teacher Education and considerable units in Law. He serves the Ifugao people as a Political Affairs Assistant in the Office of Ifugao Lone District Representative Teddy Brawner Baguilat Jr. Sunlight works with Rainbird for the End of child abuse because he stands for every child’s inherent right to be treated equally and humanely

Sunright H. Pugong, Island Leader - Luzon

Exaluck Corpuz Azpa is the Assistant Island Leader of Luzon. As the youngest of four siblings, Lucky did his studies at the University of Cagayan Valley with his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and his major in Management Accounting. He was named an outstanding leader at the university, an academic distinction Awardee, and Campus Writer of the Year. He is now an Internal Audit Specialist at Rebisco Group of Companies, Inc – one of the largest food manufacturing and distribution corporations in the Philippines. He chose to work with Rainbird as a leader of one of the three islands of the Philippines because he is convinced that we must work together to eradicate human trafficking and abuse, and he is committed to being the catalyst for change that unites people to work together toward that end.

Exaluck 'Lucky' Corpuz Azpa, Assistant Island Leader - Luzon

Divina Gracia Pasaraba is the Regional Leader for Cagayan Valley. She is also the Chief Administrative Officer of an Agrarian reform Cooperative. Divina has been involved in social development projects with a number of NGO's advocating social change. She is a graduate of the Asian Institute for Distance Education. As part of her advocacy, she has organized several youth organizations focused on the psychosocial development of the underprivileged. Her interest is the area of undocumented sex-trafficking cases in the Philippines, specifically in the Cagayan Valley Region where people consider it an ordinary occurrence. She works with Rainbird to stop trafficking wherever it is and whenever it happens.

Divina Gracia Pasaraba, Regional Leader - Cagayan Valley

Richard Grande is a local Radio Anchor in Caraga Region. He lives in San Francisco Agusan del Sur and is connected with a daily newspaper in Caraga called Media Net Balita, Centro Daily. He is a correspondent of TV 5 News Portal, Correspondent of DXBC RMN Butuan, and Station Manager of Virgen Radio 953 Rosario Agusan del Sur. As a radio personality, he encounters different cases of abuse against children in the province. His contribution is to document and serve as a bridge to the agencies concerned so that action is taken as quickly as possible to save children and End child abuse in Caraga Region.

Richard Grande, Regional Leader - Caraga Region (13)

Joey Brian Sastre is the Coordinator for Central Visayas Region. From Mindanao, he is a proud member of the Manobo Tribe. He chose to volunteer with Rainbird to advocate for children, in particular the children of the Manobo Tribe. As a Rainbird Leader, Joey believes in Rainbird’s vision and will build the campaign to end child abuse in his region, educating people to respect the rights of every child.

Joey Sastre, Regional Leader - Central Visayas Region

Raymund Montoya is the Coordinator for the ARMM Region. He has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Sultan Kudarat Educational Institution, a Bachelor Of Science in Agricultural Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education. As a nurse and teacher, Raymund wants people to embrace children’s rights and create a child abuse-free world. He believes every child deserves to be the best, yet millions around the world are abused and neglected. He sees his work with Rainbird as a global call to end child abuse, a fundamental societal responsibility to protect our children.

Raymund Montoya, Regional Leader - ARMM

Fely Lopez is a graduate of secondary education majors in General Science, Physical Sciences, and Filipino at Notre Dame of Midsayap College. She is a Teacher and as a teacher, she has seen child abuse victims in her class. When Eric Suan told her about Rainbird's Campaign to End Child abuse, she accepted the position as Rainbird Philippine's Regional Leader for Region 12 because through this campaign, she can help children and educate and activate Region 12.

Fely Lopez, Regional Leader - Socksargen Region (12)

Ivy Jane Languido Daugdaug is a School Ambassador for Region XI. She is a 2nd year student doing her Doctorate of Optometry, a 6 year course. She is a volunteer member of Rainbird Philiippines because she wants to be an inspiration to others, take a stand for the end of child abuse, and honor her word. In this way, she can make a difference with the help of God because Ivy believes everyone should have a voice and we must speak the truth and take a stand for the end of child abuse.

Ivy Jane Languido Daugdaug, Youth Ambassador

Lloyd Montebon is a Youth Ambassador. As a high school student at Sta. Ana National High School - Davao City, he represented the Philippines in Hollywood for the World Championship of Performing Arts and won the Junior Grand Champion Vocalist of the world and Grand Champion Performer of The World in 2014. When Eric Suan asked him to be a Youth Ambassador for Rainbird Philippines, he accepted the job to help the campaign to end child abuse. It is important to Lloyd to fight for children’s rights and help them have a peaceful, meaningful life.

Lloyd Montebon, Youth Ambassador

Aldrin Malait is a high school student at Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School in Davao City and a Youth Ambassador for the island of Mindanao. For Aldrin, it is an honor and an opportunity to be part of Rainbird and campaign for the end of child abuse in his country. He sees child abuse as a cancer and his job is to cure this cancer by embracing the beauty of saving children from abuse and rallying other students at his school and in his community to take action, build teams, and get others to join Rainbird.

Aldrin Malait, Youth Ambassador

Nenita Suan is the Island Leader of Visayas Island. Educated at Father Saturnino Urios University in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Nenita has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and works as a care giver in Cebu City, taking care of children. She chose to volunteer with Rainbird to help give children a chance to enjoy their childhoods, build healthy minds, and become contributing citizens. Nenita wants to spread this campaign across Visayas Islands and build a serious group of people there who save children and end child abuse.

Nenita Suan, Island Leader of Visayas Island
Anne Bernadette Corpuz
Sunright H. Pugong
Exaluck 'Lucky' Corpuz Azpa
Divina Gracia Pasaraba
Richard Grande
Joey Sastre
Raymund Montoya
Fely Lopez
Ivy Jane Languido Daugdaug
Lloyd Montebon
Aldrin Malait
Nenita Suan

For more information about being a Regional Leader, call us: 608-237-7220. Or contact us at: info@rainbirdfoundation.org.