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What is Rainbird


Rainbird is committed to the end of child abuse for all children everywhere.


The Rainbird Foundation is the first global organization to stand for the end of every form of child abuse for all children everywhere.


To achieve this, we build public demand and groundbreaking tools for any person anywhere to unify, organize, and mobilize to save children and end any kind of abuse.


Our philosophy and our projects are built on the premise that our greatest untapped resource is the public. Social activism is, was, and will always be the only way to cause change. There is no greater power. When the public demands change, crimes and injustices against human beings end.


Rainbird is altering the public conversation about child abuse from “epidemic” to “social issue”, from “prevention” to “end”, and from Advocacy to Activism.


Rainbird is a growing group of people worldwide who are committed to the end of child abuse. To end child abuse and save children, we build partnerships, unite like-minded individuals, organize events, petitions, protests, and campaigns, and mobilize people globally to take action that ends child abuse and saves children. You can see some of our “Saves” on our Successes page.

Where did the name come from?

SkullThe Zuni Indians thought the hummingbird had magical powers. When they wanted rain, they prayed to the hummingbird. When the rain came, they renamed it the Rainbird. In some circles, a totem is a spiritual guide. The hummingbird totem means to “make the impossible possible”. This perfectly characterizes the end of child abuse.

What is The Plan?

Rainbird blockRainbird’s plan is to serve people across the country and around the world, providing them with the proper tools and funding to unite, organize, and mobilize campaigns that end abuses against children anywhere on earth. We build effective tools, fund endeavors that quantifiably contribute to the end, work with people to expand the base of people involved and strengthen their ability to produce results by providing them with the most effective tools to eradicate the most entrenched issues.

Why do we do this?

The MobChange happens when we unleash the passion, power, and voice of people, our greatest untapped resource. To achieve human rights for children and eradicate abuse once and for all, we must activate and mobilize the public.

What do we do?

The Mob BlockWe build public demand across the U.S. and around the world to end crimes against children. To give people greater success and ease, we are building a community organizing platform with tools to unite and mobilize anywhere on earth and activate large numbers of people for the purpose of saving children.

What is the first step?
What Results Have We Produced?
How Do We Do this?

The MobGood question. Call us at (608) 237-7220 or Email us and we’ll tell you how.

Why do we focus on building public demand?
In studying this issue, we found many organizations that provided services and education, but we didn’t find diminishing child abuse statistics. For us, it was a simple question: why do the same thing as everyone else when it duplicates efforts, creates competition, and doesn’t reduce statistics? In studying why child abuse wasn’t diminishing we found that public demand was missing. More crucially, we found that when public demand was provided, child abuse ended. We also learned that the public didn’t know what to do and no one was teaching them. What happens if a report is ignored, or CPS refuses to respond, or a school wounds a child during a spanking, or doesn’t respond to a bullying issue, or politicians don’t pass a law, or a d.a. won’t try a case, or a corrupt judge gives a child back to its abusing father…?
So, Rainbird fills in the gap, providing what was missing. As with any social issue, the only power great enough to cause action and stop the violation and destruction of our children is public demand.
What is a Friend of Rainbird?

A Friend of Rainbird is a monthly contributor. Friends help us mobilize, stop violations, and end abuses. Your monthly contribution by credit card or PayPal is automatically deducted each month. To become a Friend, contribute or call our office: (608) 237-7220.

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What does your contribution do?
  • $25 a month helps us stop a judge from giving an abusive dad 90 days in jail for killing his son.
  • $50 a month helps us push for reform of Child Protective Services in a state in the U.S.
  • $75 a month helps shut boot camps and boarding schools where children are shackled, starved, beaten, raped, and killed in the name of “straightening them out”.
  • $100 a month helps us close the incest loophole, a law that gives parents the right to rape their children.

You can go to our contribute form to help out, here.