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The only power great enough to move government agencies, systems, courts, hospitals, schools, and big business to action is public demand.

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Rainbird is nothing without the people who run it.

Nikk Cramer is our Angel Emeritus. A rock star with a huge heart, he architected our mobilization platform, helped us improve our communication, and built our communication mechanisms. He played with Venice Gas House Trolley, made a difference with every person he touched, creating possibilities for all of us, and in his spare time, considered the ramifications of dualism on the human psyche's experience of reality. Nikk was truly committed to the end of child abuse. For him, it wasn't a pipedream to laugh at but a mystery to solve.

Nikk Cramer, Angel Emeritus

Brian White is Rainbird's CIO. Brian works with Rainbird because we're committed to real, immediate, tangible results. It's a cause he can get behind and an organization with a philosophy that reflects his own. In a career dedicated to offering IT expertise for the benefit of business bottom lines, it's great to shift gears and help children who have no other advocates than adults. Helping businesses is fun, but helping children and ending child abuse is fulfilling.

Brian White, Chief Information Officer

John Bligh is Rainbird's Webmaster. He brings over 20 years of Web Experience to the table. He thinks child abuse should get more attention as a societal problem than it does and hopes to raise awareness of it by working with Rainbird.

John Bligh, Webmaster

Hanna Roth is the Founder of Rainbird. She is a writer, editor, and business Advisor with 30 years of experience in Business Management. Hanna comes from severe childhood physical and sexual abuse. Her father was a convicted child rapist. Hanna is committed to building a global movement for the end of child abuse, giving the public - our greatest untapped resource - the tools necessary to effectively organize and mobilize to save children.

Hanna Roth, Founder

Cindy Ditter has been a Rainbird supporter since the very beginning. As a Fitness & Wellness Specialist for nearly three decades, Cindy is a successful entrepreneur with an extensive background in business management. She also works with people, creating programs to support their goals physically and mentally so that they can live fully vital lives. Cindy sees her work with Rainbird as an extension of her career, working with people to end child abuse so that everyone can live a fully vital life.

Cindy Ditter, Business Manager

Aaron Wilbers provides graphic design work for Rainbird. He is an artist and has been a freelance designer for over 10 years. His inspiration for working with Rainbird has been friendship, as well as his belief that innocence is something to be protected.

Aaron Wilbers, Graphic Designer

Billy 'FLIP' McCoy is a second generation tattoo artist, graffiti artist, flash artist, and painter. His work is joyful, inspired and beautiful. Billy stands for the end of child abuse and his goal is to help Rainbird inspire people to take a stand for the end of child abuse by using art to open their eyes and see the real issues at hand. See more of his work at rudeandrecklessink.com or contact him at tattoosbybilly@yahoo.com

Billy 'FLIP' McCoy, Artist

Mariela is a full time volunteer and homemaker. She has completed a Masters of Human Services, a Master of Arts in Religion, and a Bachelor of Science with a concentration on Youth. She has worked and volunteered for years with ages ranging from infancy to the elderly. Her purpose is to advocate for people in need and facilitate whole person well-being. She agrees with Rainbird's commitment. The end of child abuse is an outcome we must relentlessly demand.

Mariela Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant
Nikk Cramer
Brian White
John Bligh
Hanna Roth
Cindy Ditter
Aaron Wilbers
Billy 'FLIP' McCoy
Mariela Gonzalez

The Leadership Teams

As a Leader, you build, organize, and mobilize the team in your state. You will create a core team of people in your area. Your job will be to activate and empower people in your region to Take A Stand and join forces. When a project or campaign occurs in your state, you’ll mobilize to participate to save a child or children.


For more information about being a Regional Leader, call us: 608-237-7220. Or contact us at: info@rainbirdfoundation.org.