Our saves are a big deal. People ask us how we do it. There’s no secret sauce. They’re a result of people joining forces and taking action together. Public demand works for Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and Children’s Rights too.

We rescued a 9 year old girl forced into slave labor.

A supporter contacted us about a 9 year old girl forced into slave labor. We talked to her mother, impressed on her how critical her child’s education was to their future, and got the child back in school. We visit her school and talk to her teachers regularly to follow-up.

Three children deserted by their father

Three children, ages 2, 4, and 7, were deserted by their father. We worked with leaders in the community to get the father court-mandated to care for them. As a result, all three are taken care of and 2 are in school.

Children reunited with their family

A couple came to us for help to find their 3 children and get them back. The children, ages 9, 13, & 19, were lost in war-torn Kenya. We found the children and tried to work with larger organizations to get them back, but after months of the larger organization telling us to be patient and wait, we got tired of waiting and went in alone. Two weeks ago, we got the children out of Kenya and re-united them with their parents in Uganda after a 4 year separation. They’re getting medical care, returning to school, and getting readjusted to family life.

Emotionally abused boy saved

A 6 year old boy with Autism was being emotionally abused by his uncle. The Mother contacted Rainbird for help. We had an online meeting with her to get the details and she told us about how her son was being emotionally abused due to his disability. We contacted a community leader to deal with the uncle and on Dec. 7 the uncle met with local leaders and authorities who told him the child’s rights and if he did it again, the case would go to municipal court. We are doing weekly follow-ups to make sure the boy is protected.

Physically abused by his stepfather

A concerned citizen contacted Rainbird about a 15 year old boy being physically abused by his stepfather when the man got drunk, which was a constant. With the help of community leaders, we investigated and told the stepfather to stop or we would report him. We explained the laws and the rights of the boy, and got a local authority assigned to this case. We are in the process of having them get the father into a program for alcoholics and we continue to do weekly follow-ups.

Medical neglect

A 14 year old boy came to our office asking for medical help. His feet had been swollen for at least 3 weeks. He told his parents but they didn’t have money, so we took him to the clinic, found out the disease was due to flood water contamination, relayed this to his parents who did not understand the severity of his condition, and got the boy medication through the help of sponsorship. We told the parents that refusing to provide medical care was a form of neglect. They offered their sincere apologies, assured us that they would buy medication to complete his recovery, and we follow up regularly.

Stalked on Facebook

We were contacted by a 13 year old boy, who was being stalked by a man on facebook. The man flirted with the boy and asked him to send nude photos and meet. The boy met him in a public place to tell him he wasn't interested and blocked him on Facebook, but the man stalked him and offered him money for sex. We met with the boy, got the man’s contact info, and sent a formal communication to him to stop stalking the boy. We explained the boy’s rights and that this was a form of child abuse, punishable by law. No one has heard from the man since, and the boy knows how to reach us if he is ever accosted by any adult ever again.

Deprived of an education

The Mother of a 14 year old boy came to our office asking for help to enroll her son in school. The boy was eager to study, but she couldn’t afford it and they were behind in the payments. As a minor, his right to an education was being neglected by the school, so we called the school to re-enroll him but they refused, citing the overdue bill which had to be paid first. We called the Dept of Education Division for help and their regional office approved our request, enrolled the boy, and helped the parents create an installment plan to pay off the debt.

Deprived of an education

We got a report of a boy in his early teens forced to leave school to work. Rainbird intervened, got him re-enrolled in school, and we follow up to make sure he stays in school and focuses on his studies.

3 year old being starved

A report came from a neighbor who saw a 3 year old boy being starved to near-death by his father. We visited the home, alerted the mother who didn't live with the father, and got the boy into her care. We’re now monitoring his recovery to make sure he gets his basic needs and recovers fully.

1 year old abandoned

A 1 yr old boy with epilepsy was abandoned by his father, a businessman. We're working with doctors to get the boy help and with authorities to make the father provide for his son.

We saved a boy who was beaten and starved

Rainbird got a message from a neighbor about a malnourished 10 year old boy who stayed at her home for 2 days because his father beat and starved him. With the help of the local child welfare office, we spoke with the father and mother about the abuse and laid out the consequences. We said we would follow up weekly and file a case with authorities if it happened again. The father promised to stop and we monitor weekly to make sure he does.

10 year old forced into labor

A neighbor reported a 10 year boy forced into labor by his mother to sell candy in the street every day. The money went to his mother for food and household needs. We met with his mother, told her the risks to her son on the street and that this was child abuse, penalized by law. He is now back in school and no longer works on the streets. Teachers are helping him catch up and giving him school supplies.

10 year old forced into labor

A neighbor reported a 10 year boy forced into labor by his mother to sell candy in the street every day. The money went to his mother for food and household needs. We met with his mother, told her the risks to her son on the street and that this was child abuse, penalized by law. He is now back in school and no longer works on the streets. Teachers are helping him catch up and giving him school supplies.

Neglectful parents

We received a Facebook message from a volunteer about a 4 year old girl whose parents were not caring for her. On repeated occasions, the father stayed out late, came home drunk, and left the child alone or in the care of a neighbor. We told him about the laws and Rights of the Child and that we'd report him to the police if he broke the law again. The girl is now well and we monitor her weekly


After their parents died, 3 siblings – twin 14 year old girls and a 10 year old boy were left in the care of their grandma. When she took ill, we were called by neighbors who noticed the children alone. We rallied community leaders, secured food, enrolled the kids in school, and got the grandmother medical care. In our follow-up, the children are well cared for by their grandmother, who is recovering. Their teachers say that all 3 children qualified for next year’s classes after completing their first term back at school.

Beaten and starved by his father

A student contacted Rainbird to report his 10 year old friend being beaten and starved by his father. He saw the father beating his friend and heard his friend cry with pain. We talked with him to clarify this report and then went to the village to talk with his friend. The local leader scheduled a meeting with the parents and we outlined the laws and the child’s rights, told the father we’d report him if the abuse didn’t stop, and follow up weekly.

Tracked down neglectful parents

We were contacted about a 7 year old girl who was left with grandparents when she was 1 yr old. The grandparents tried to contact the child’s parents to get help with her needs. We went to see the parents to explain the laws, but couldn't find them. We recently received a lead on their whereabouts and we’re coordinating with the authorities a neglect case against them. We will continue weekly follow-ups.

Abusive grandmother

An older brother contacted us about the abuse of his 9 year old sister, the youngest in the family, who was being abused by their grandmother while their father was at work. We investigated the case, met with the father and grandmother, told her the legal consequences and rights of the child, and the Grandmother asked for forgiveness. The father said he didn’t know and he would supervise his children more. Since the girl was also malnourished, we gave him a game plan for her recovery and follow up weekly.

Rainbird helped a family avoid family court

A father came to us for help in his divorce/custody issue. He was involved with a Father’s Rights group and thinking about going to Family Court because his ex-wife wasn't honoring the custody agreement. He wanted our help navigating family court, but we work with people to avoid the corruption of Family Court by helping them to resolve their issues first. The father was a great man who truly wanted the best for his 8 year old. He did what we advised, avoided family court, and recently enjoyed a happy, stress-free visit with his little girl that worked for all parties involved.

Rainbird saves a North Dakota boy who was kidnapped

In June, 2013, a father with a history of violence and a police record took his 5-year old son for vacation visitation. A week before he was scheduled to bring the boy home to the mother - who had sole custody - the father told the mother she would never see her son again. The father went on the run and the mother spent the next two years searching across the U.S. for her son. The police and courts in three states refused to help her. At the end of her rope, she called us. For the next two weeks we worked with her and on September 29, 2015, she found her son. Scared to death and out of money, she borrowed $1,800 for two tickets, a rental car, and two nights in a motel. On October 8th, she flew to California and on October 9th, after being denied a police escort to help get her son, she went to the school alone, picked up her boy, and flew home. The process was terrifying, but the now 7-year old boy is home, back in school, and settling in with his family.


After over a year of discussion, our team found a way to make it possible for anyone on earth to save children in any situation. Currently in development, we look forward to unveiling it and making it available soon!

Background Check Loophole Shut at UW-Madison

After learning of a sexual offender employed by the university, we demanded an investigation and the man was terminated. We asked the school how they could hire a sexual offender and we found out that they didn’t do background checks on anyone but full-time employees. There is now a new hiring policy: all interns, part-time employees, full-time employees, volunteers, and independent contractors must get a background check before they are hired.

Rainbird saves a three year old Missouri Girl

A 3 year old Missouri girl was being abused. On multiple occasions, family and neighbors called The Division of Family Services (DFS) and the police who did nothing to save this child even after she was taken to ER. In a fit of frustration, the family called us. We told them to tell DFS we were involved and that we would take this issue to the streets if they didn’t save this child. DFS asked them to NOT contact us and promised to save the child. True to their word, DFS called the child’s extended family. The child was pulled out of harm’s way by nightfall and the abuser was incarcerated.

A Missouri Public School Cleaned Up Its Act

After a public school refused to stop mistreating a child, Rainbird’s state leader got involved. Teachers were fired and the Board of Education now patrols the halls at the end of the school day to resolve issues and make sure conditions remain improved for children.

An Abused Illinois Boy Gets The Help He Needs to Recover

A 14 year old boy in Illinois was abused multiple times. Child Protective Services knew about him and did nothing. When the boy molested other children, CPS wanted to imprison him without therapy. One of our leaders got involved and called Illinois’ CPS. After years of his family getting nowhere with CPS, our leader got this boy the help he needed.

Illinois Funded Their Child Abuse Hotline Properly

We learned that 60% of people calling to report abuses against children couldn’t get help because no one answered the call, we campaigned for proper funding of the hotline so that all reports are taken. Illinois agreed to fund 100 staff positions in the Department of Children and Family Services to improve their efficiency and increase the number of calls answered on their hotline!

Amazon Stops Selling The Book: The Pedophile's Guide to Love & Pleasure

In November 2010, we found out about this disgusting book. In response, we created a campaign to get hundreds of people to call and email Amazon, demanding that they get rid of this book. At first, they resisted, but within twenty four hours, the media found out about it and within the week, Amazon took the book off the market.

We stopped the physical abuse of a 2 year old boy

After we got a call to stop the physical abuse of a 2 year old, we met with the mother, got local authorities involved, told the mom her rights, educated her to parent properly, and stopped the physical abuse of her 2 year old son. We will do weekly visits for the next year to make sure she is living up to standards and getting the support she needs.

We stopped the violent abuse of a 13 year old by her uncle

We got a call about a 13 year old girl being severely abused by her uncle. The child was living with relatives while her parents worked out of town. We got the authorities involved, contacted the parents, and had the uncle put away. The parents didn’t know what was happening to their child. They came back, moved her back to the city with them, and the child is now recovering.

We intervened on behalf of two abandoned boys

We were just notified about 2 neglected boys, 3 & 12. Their dad had abandoned them and their mother worked full time. We intervened on the boys’ behalf, told the mother her rights, educated her about the laws, and got her to set up care for her toddler and put her 12 year old in school rather than labor. We'll follow up weekly to make sure the agreements are implemented.

We stopped the violent abuse of a 5 year old girl

When one of our volunteers reported the violent physical abuse of a 5 year old girl whose mother was abusing her, we intervened and with the help of this Rainbird Volunteer who is also the child's teacher, we worked with the mother to develop her parenting skills. The child is now a happy, healthy, flourishing little girl.

We saved a 15 year old girl

When we learned about a 15 year old girl who was tortured with scalding hot water by a family member, we got the police involved. We then got the child medical care and pushed for legal action to be taken against the offending family member. The girl is now in recovery.

We saved a young boy

We found a 10 year old boy living on the streets who’d been there since Christmas 2015. He was filthy, malnourished, and sick with fever. He had one t-shirt and shorts in rags. He begged for food and money from people who passed. His bed was an improvised pile of magazines, newspapers, and cartons with extra newspaper for a blanket. He bathed when it rained but had no clothes to change into. Rainbird intervened and while we worked to locate his family, we got him medical care, gave him a warm bed, nutritious food, new clothes, and tutoring. Because he never went to school, we began daily tutoring to catch him up to the other children his age. We found his family, learned his parents had died and that his brother had abused him, applied for government aid, found another family member to take him in, and began the process of getting him home. He is now well and has gained weight. He sleeps through the night, bathes daily, has new clothing, and is making friends in the neighborhood. His Aid should start in January, at which point we will take him to his sister and enroll him in school. He can now identify numbers, colors, shapes, vowels, and the alphabet. We have a long way to go, but he has made exceptional progress and we’re confident that he’ll be able to finally go to school.

ON JULY 27, 2016, RAINBIRD PHILIPPINES Saved a Six Year Old boy

On July 27, 2016, Rainbird Philippines held an Understanding Child Abuse seminar at Pasta Elementary School. While he was there, Country Leader, Eric Suan, saw a 6 year old boy not in class. The child was malnourished, filthy, and suffering from skin disease. Eric asked the teacher if the boy was enrolled and the teacher said he wasn’t. Eric approached the child, interviewed him, and learned that his parents had abandoned him and left him with his grandparents. Last year, his grandmother died and his grandfather couldn’t afford to feed him or send him to school anymore, so the boy was on the streets, begging for food.
After the interview, Eric went to the Principal’s office. They discussed the child and Eric asked her to re-enroll the boy even though there were no funds and it was late in the enrollment period. The principal agreed to a special enrollment and Eric agreed to bring the boy's case to the local council for funding. Local Council agreed to provide food and enroll the grandfather in a government program that provides him monthly financial support, and our beautiful 6-year old boy is back in school, eating, and recovering! And we will follow up monthly to make sure he continues to flourish.

We recently saved 8 children and 55 women from the sex trade in San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur in the Philipines.


National Youth Commission of the Philippines

Rainbird Philippines is now registered as a youth serving organization of the National Youth Commission of the Philippines. We have built solid working relationships with many politicians in many regions throughout the Philippines to pass ordinances that more thoroughly protect children.

Our Leader, Eric Suan, was nominated for the PINOY HERO OF THE YEAR FOR 2013


We joined the Outreach Program for children

We have joined the Outreach Program for children, giving school supplies to indigent children, victims of abuse, and victims of the insurgency in the Philippines. We have radio partners plugging our mission to end child abuse on the LIPS 106FM, VIRGIN RADIO 95.3 and the Light & Life Radio. These radio stations have interviewed Rainbird Philippines on cases and child related issues. We have also been in the local news of MEDIANETNEWS and CENTRO NEWSPAPER


The Philippines hosted a writing program in Davao City giving children the opportunity to tell their stories, including stories of abuse. Telling one’s story of abuse is the first step to recovery. It has the powerful impact of setting a child free so they can learn again. Combining education and storytelling, children hone their writing and reading skills while telling stories, sometimes for the first time, so they can be heard and helped and given the opportunity to recover and reclaim the rest or their childhoods.

We started here August 2012. After almost two years of campaigning here in the Philippines, we have reached almost 2000 people who took a stand for the end and are still growing.


We saved two children from child slave labor

In Africa, child slave labor is a big problem. Because children are viable wage earners for a family and parents have to pay for an education, we get many reports of child slave labor. The work to extract a child from slave labor is laborious. So far, we've saved 2 children and put them in school.

We reunited three children with their parents

The parents of 3 children, ages 9, 13, and 19, asked us to help them find their children who were lost in the conflict in South Sudan. We did our research and investigation and found the 3 children in Kenya. To get them home, we had to partner up with Red Cross International to get in to Kenya. I’ll let you know as soon as the 3 children are safely home in Uganda with their parents.

We saved three orphans and placed them with family members

We received a report of 3 neglected children, 2, 4, and 7 years old, abandoned by their father after their mom died of AIDS. Working with authorities and relatives, we found the father, got him to provide monthly support, and found a new home for the 3 children with their aunt. All 3 children are healthy again, gaining weight and happy to be living with their aunt. One of the three children is of school age and is now in school.

We came to the aid of a 15 year old rape victim

We got a call about a 15 year old girl who had been raped and impregnated. We worked with the mother and daughter to find the rapist, report the crime, and bring the rapist to justice. We stood by the 15 year old as she delivered a sickly baby and got through the physical and emotional healing. Now, we follow up on her 8 month old boy who is now healthy, and I’ll let you know when the rapist is brought to justice.

We are reforming a juvenile detention center

We are reforming a juvenile detention center that is neglecting and abusing its wards. The children were being starved and tortured. They weren’t being given due process or an education. We are educating groups and citizens in the region surrounding the center, rallying support and organizations to apply pressure and make the changes in the center. So far, we are seeing some improvements in living conditions and education. I’ll update you with improvements.

We helped a 15 year old rape victim

When we learned about the rape of a 15 year old girl, we intervened because no one was doing anything about it. The rape ended up in a pregnancy. There was no option for abortion and the ``father`` refused to take responsibility. We helped the child after she gave birth to a sickly baby and we are now taking legal action to insure the “father” takes legal and financial responsibility for his child.

Rainbird Saves 5 Girls in Uganda

A grandmother came to our leader in Uganda and told him that her grandchild and 4 other girls, ages 13 - 15, had been kidnapped by a nightclub bouncer. The girls were drugged and forced into prostitution. The woman had gone to law enforcement but they refused to help. We took her case on and went to the Chairman and police. We reported the case and joined forces to save the girls. The police charged the nightclub bouncer with defilement and we saved the 5 girls, got them counseling, and back into school. They are now all home with their families.

We started a Scholarship Program

In our new scholarship program, ten scholarships have been granted in Africa. This kept children off the streets and out of slave labor and sex trafficking!

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